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A lot to be thankful for....

2020 has been a very eventful year, but through it all, God is good. Even with all the pandemic restrictions and guidelines, we have still been supporting new clients through their unexpected pregnancies. We know that even if something is unexpected, it can still be great. We've recently experienced that ourselves recently. As many of you know, Caring Families had begun looking at a possible relocation here in Willimantic when a particular property caught our attention during the summer. You can see a little more about it here! Key advantages of making this move are:

  • Provides clients with a higher level of confidentiality, privacy, and parking.

  • Allows us to expand and strengthen existing services for our clients.

  • Offers a larger, professional reception area, private counseling, and exam rooms.

  • Offers more room to accommodate our clients during ultrasounds.

  • Enhances group meetings for parenting, abortion recovery, and Bible studies.

  • Sends a message that we are committed to the community.

  • Lowers our monthly mortgage and operational expenses.

  • Provides possible emergency housing for a client who has no other place to go.

  • Invests in Caring Families’ future with each and any improvement made to the building.

So after months of conversations and prayers, we went ahead and made an offer on the property....and the sellers accepted! We are so excited at what this could mean for our ministry. So what's next? We've spoken to a handful of faithful donors and churches and they have already made commitments to help us raise some of the funds we need for a down payment and closing. To date, we have raised over $56,000 towards the purchase of the building. But we are not done yet. We need at minimum an additional $15,000 to cover the remaining down payment, closing, moving and renovation costs. So how can you help? In addition to praying for the ministry, would you consider helping us move into this new building with a generous financial gift? We have been praying specifically for: 5 people to give gifts of $1000 10 people to give gifts of $500 15 people to give gifts of $250 25 people to give gifts of $100 Can you see yourself helping Caring Families in one of these ways? Or in a different way? Every gift counts. We will also be in need of volunteers to help us move and spruce up the new space when the time comes. We are looking forward to seeing what God does in the rest of 2020 and beyond! Join us in prayer that we reach our building goal by December 31st. We are thankful for each and everyone of you as we labor together to bring hope, help, and healing to women and their families in Eastern and Central Connecticut.

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