Saturday, Oct 2, 12-2:00 pm

Every year Caring Families hosts the annual Walk for Life. This event is more than just a walk. It's a time for the people in the community and from local churches to come together and help support the work of the ministry. It's a time where those involved are making a difference in the lives of women and their families.

Many of the clients seen are surprised with an unexpected pregnancy and are fearful about what the future holds for them as parents. They worry if they will have enough money for the hospital visits, food, baby clothes and diapers. They worry if they have enough expertise to be a good parent, or enough support from their family and community.

No woman should ever feel she's alone during an unexpected pregnancy, and no woman should feel like having an abortion is her only option. This is why the Love Saves Lives walk is so crucial to our mission. The services and support provided to clients are life-affirming. They get connected to the many resources they need and are educated and encouraged to be parents, and share the important truth that all life is precious and deserves to be loved and protected

Won't you join us this year to raise support for the vital services we are providing?